Terms and Conditions


Once the customer has placed an order for a product on the website, they are bound to the following terms and conditions.

  1. All goods displayed on the websites by the seller (price quoted) are non-binding and subject to change.

  2. The prices quoted don’t contain delivery and postal charges but are inclusive of all taxes.

  3. No Replacement / Exchange will be entertained for Toric Lenses and Open Box Contact Lenses.

  4. All offers and discounts mentioned in any promotional data can be avialed only on the website eyesinstyle.co.in and for web customers only.

  5. In case the customer has received any damage product, intimate us within 48-hrs, or else exchange / replacement will not be entertained.

  6. The Customer can exchage the products to a maximum of two times after purchase.

  7. All goods shall remain our property until all of the customer's contractual obligations towards the Firm have been fulfilled.

  8. Images of people, places, and/or products posted on this site are either the property of the Firm, or are used herein with express permission of the Firm.

  9. Misconduct in terms of contrary to the terms & conditions of the contract, particularly by delaying the payment, we may demand the immediate return of the product.

  10. Depending on the availability, all products are dispatched as soon as possible. Should the desired product is out of order, we shall inform you about the same.

  11. Any changes in our privacy policies or terms & conditions, shall be updated accordingly.

For any further assistance call us at 0551-2200130 or E-mail us at customercare@eyesinstyle.co.in